Laws Of The Jungle

  1.  Children must be supervised by an adult from the group on premises.
  2. Everyone must wear socks. Socks can be purchased for $1.50
  3. We are a NUT-AWARE Jungle. We are vigilant to limit any possible nut contamination, however, we CANNOT GUARANTEE that minute traces of allergen haven’t been brought into the property. Please inform the staff of any allergies so we can be on heightened alert during your stay with us.
  4. Children are required to eat & drink in the dining area. If there is a mishap it’s ok but let us know quickly so we can clean it right away.
  5. If you or your birthday guests do not feel well please do not enter the Play area.
  6. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK PERMITTED so we can ensure a nut free environment.
  7. Animal sounds and roars are fine but must be age appropriate!
  8. We are not responsible for stolen items. this is a private area and I don’t think your friends will steal from you. Do you?
  9. We are not responsible for any injuries. An adult is required from your Pack to ensure responsible and safe play.
  10. There are no outside guests other than those you invite. Therefore your Packs behaviour is to be guided by your packs Leader.
    Survival of the Resposible not the fittest is the law of this Jungle.